New Offhander made by Luring/Brewing professional

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New Offhander made by Luring/Brewing professional

Post  m2 on Fri 11 Sep - 18:59

I made the first of my epic weapon, an offhander called "The Golden Grapnel" which is similar to a DCD but has less strength but some speed (69% STR, 11% Speed). Below is the link to the item and the necessary ingredients. It's a bit pricey but at least it doesn't cost real money. (Hint Hint, if anyone in the gang had spare cash of about $18B, and some members could get me the items, I can make them for members and someone else like Goldenboi could gem it out).



Venerable Grapnel:
Requires level 500 Survivalism.
Requires Mastery: The Meretorious.

Venerable Grapnel [x1]

Gold Plated Hook [0 / 4]
Sirion Studs [0 / 5]
Gem of Adherence [0 / 2]
Pattern: The Golden Grappler [0 / 1]


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