Looking to upgrade gang arsenal

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Looking to upgrade gang arsenal

Post  krystov on Fri 1 May - 14:39

1. Need to know who can socket items and armor.
2. Need to know who has left over low-to-mid level gems that are cut.
3. Anyone making kick-ass armor or weapons yet?

My idea is that the gang can make some $$ selling mid-range weapons once we ensure that all of our members have socketed weapons--even if they are not great, four or five speed points on something like boots is usually the difference between $100M and $200-300M.

For example, I have a boatload of round cut opals even though I'm not pursuing gem cutting. These are +2STR and +2 Speed. Three of these socketed in a good weapon is significant.

I'm guessing a lot of us have extra gems or whatever lying around that we could use to donate to the gang to get some more cash or points in the vault.

Anyone have thoughts?

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Re: Looking to upgrade gang arsenal

Post  goldenboi23 on Fri 8 May - 6:42

it won't let us donate cut gems or items socketted with gems to the vault, I already tried to do this

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